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"When I believe in something, I fight with all my strength to defend it." Steve Mcqueen

Nicknamed the "King of Cool" for his reputation for undisciplined, carefree attitude and his indifferent class, Steve McQueen quickly became a very influential icon.

Since 1960 , his personality has always fascinated and his style continues to influence today's fashion. From design to ready-to-wear, from perfumery to watchmaking, its aura is today, a true brand in tune with our times.

This collection proposes thirty models of great quality, with elegant lines, revisited details. The lightness and design of the models echo the actor's personality with a masculine and carefree signature.

A marked and refined collection, strong from its success with the female class.

Light to use to feel free and without hassle, SMQ EYEWEAR frames are made with suitable materials, such as cellulose acetate or Japanese stainless steel that benefits from a PVD treatment.

Each of our products has a name for a place, a landmark event or a reminder of Steve McQueen's life. Through our frames, reconstruct the most important and representative moments of this emblematic character.

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