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DMDI was born essentially out of a passion for its craft. Elísio Marques, an optician by profession, formed in Paris, started an adventure that has lasted for over 22 years. With determination, he shares his knowledge and the essence of this profession of "lunetier", to what they currently call opticians.


Since 1998, DMDI has been operating in the national market, in the optical sector. It soon turned to a segment of quality, innovation and notoriety. It is for this reason, a demanding company in the choice of its partners.


Today, with a single well-defined philosophy, it focuses on the company is initial value and booster:


  • Bet on innovative projects, to offer quality and distinct products, which are an added value for opticians;

  • Close relations with its international partners, preferably with the most reputable and specialized companies in this sector, to guarantee the best service to its customers;

  • It sees its customers as an extension of the company, accompanying them side by side, which guarantees a long-term sustainable partnership.

The value of DMDI reside, in its human capital, in unity, in the joint attitude and in the passion for this profession. Each victory achieved is the result of her commitment to their partners, maintaining an integrated attitude and professional ethics.


So, it was an honor for DMDI to see a long-standing partnership evolve. For 18 years, the companies DMDI and MOREL have shared the same values: family-owned, independent and dynamic companies, which over the years have been able to overcome the vagaries of our profession.


United by the same passion for beautiful products, motivated by the quality of distribution and service, the approach was natural and evident. But nothing could work without the human, which is why it is important to have a flawless implication along the way, but also a confidence in the common future. The MOREL family grew and the creation of our co-company Morel Portugal was an excellent opportunity that effectively reinforced our presence in the market.


Alone we go faster, but together we will go further!



Morel's story is about a family that has been designing glasses for four generations. Each generation learned from the previous ones, while bringing its own entrepreneurial vision.


Since 1880, Morel has been closely linked to the history of French “Lunetaria”. Located in the heart of the Jura region and in the French capital of the eyewear industry (Morez).

Jules Morel, the pioneer

In 1880, Jules created his first pairs of “pince-nez”: an activity to which he dedicated himself part-time, in addition to his farming work.


Marius Morel, the industrialist

Marius was a passionate and a visionary, who had  big dreams. In the 1930s, he purchased a facility and machines to produce frames on a large scale.


Jacques Morel, the commercial mind

Jacques took over the reins of company in the 1960s, supported by his siblings. Together they made Morel known throughout France and globally. This was a more commercial generation, who made de the name Morel familiar in France and elsewhere. 

Jérôme, Francis and Amélie Morel, the design generation

More than just a company, Morel became a strong brand of creative products across the world, that strategic turn was brought about by Jérôme, Francis and Amélie. 

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