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The Festina brand continues to achieve commercial success worldwide, thanks to the unique combination of advanced product quality, unique and timeless design as well as unbeatable value for money. Festina conveys universal values, regardless of culture, social status or origin. The brand is synonymous with elegance, functionality and style.


Festina glasses follow the different themes of the watch collections. It is for this same reason that glasses are found that are associated with contemporary and even sporty shapes to arrive at a coherent collection. A link between the different themes: color .


The creation of a Festina eyepiece takes up the watchmaker's codes as part of the bright colors. These touches of color, without being omnipresent, allow to underline the curves and details of the frames. The quality of the materials used also make the collection strong. From the use of locking screws to prevent the rods from gaining play in the care of the spatulas on the terminals, through the sun clips, all done for the optimum comfort of the wearer.


The manufacture of the glasses was entrusted to the manufacturing studio, where the best professionals managed to develop a collection at an attractive price.

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