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In 1950 , the “Optique Demetz” was opened by Mr. Roger Demetz , an optician and professional diver, one of the founders of the French fin swimming federation, which studies the optical problem under water. In 1953 , he created the first diving mask with graduation, manufacturing a front equipped with a suction cup that was positioned on the masks, with “hublot”. After two years, optical correction was made on a polymerization diving mask (bonding of lens on lens). Finally, in 1957 , the patent was registered in collaboration with the company CRESSI-SUB.

Your son Gilles Demetz , retakes the company in 1988, developing a range of glasses for different sports, such as: optical glasses for motorcycles, flexible and unbreakable glasses, goggles, shooting glasses, bicycle glasses, swimming glasses, cycling glasses and ski masks with the adaptation of the optical kit to be able to graduate, as well as the adaptation of side protections, floating tape.


Demetz has as its constant objective, to provide each type of sport, amateur or professional, to obtain better results, better comfort, better visual perception and better efficiency.

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