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The children's collection offers playful, colorful, cheerful glasses that children are proud to wear. This vast collection includes brands such as Minions, Disney Princess, Frozen, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Avengers and Star Wars.


Since the Minions first appeared in the animated film Gru Maldisposto, children have known the characters that each has with their well-defined personality. Inside the “punchy” orange stem of the models in the optical collection, illustrations of Minions, bananas, and of course, the famous expression “banana!” appear.


Hello Kitty , is a cheerful and happy girl with a heart of gold. Hello Kitty, Disney Princess and Frozen , are collections for girls, with cheerful colors and representing a world that children admire so much.


As far as Spiderman is concerned, this hero that many children admire was bitten by a radioactive spider and gives him superpowers. Like the Spiderman collection, the Star Wars and Advengers collections are collections that show off their fantasy that children so idolize.

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